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Basic Basic Zendo Lims

  • Up to 5 users simultaneously
  • 2 GB Database
  • 4 GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Premium Support (**)
    30€ / month (one-off annual payment)
  • Updates included

Standard Standard Zendo Lims

  • Up to 20 users simultaneously
  • 10 GB Database
  • 20 GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Premium Support (**)
    30€ / month (one-off annual payment)
  • Updates included

Professional Professional Zendo Lims

  • Up to 50 users simultaneously
  • 100 GB Database
  • 200 GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Premium Support
  • Updates included

Elite Elite Zendo Lims

  • Unlimited users simultaneously
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Storage
  • E-mail support
  • Premium Support
  • Updates included
(*) Users Range: 2-5 users (10% discount), 6-10 users (20% discount), 11-15 users (30% discount), 16-20 users (40% discount), >20 users (50% discount)
(**) Premium Support: Included if the monthly fee is more than 150€
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Laboratorio C.E.N.A.C "Perhaps the most important thing for us has been to be able to access all the information about the work being carried out in the laboratory from anywhere, and nowadays it has been a great help to have access in real time to everything that is happening in the laboratory, for example, validating reports, sending reports from home, seeing the online with the laboratory equipment, in other words, you feel you are in the laboratory without being physically there. On the other hand, the software is very versatile, and has many possibilities. As for the technical support service, we have always found a quick and efficient response. I would encourage other colleagues to try this tool without hesitation".

Jose Gallardo González. CEO at Clinical Analysis Center, Avilés, CENAC - ESPAÑA

Laboratorio y Servicios Veterinarios Valdivia Limitada (LAVET) "Our experience with Zendo Lims has been positive overall, even considering the distance. What has been most positive for us, it is the willingness of those who are helping us in our journey through Zendo Lims, they have always responded to our requests in a timely manner despite the time difference. They are all very friendly and willing to give us the help we have needed so far".

Verónica de la Barra Díaz. Technical Director of the Veterinary Laboratory, at Laboratorio y Servicios Veterinarios Valdivia Limitada (LAVET) - CHILE

BIOGEN CENTER "ZENDO LIMS is the perfect support platform for our activity as a genetic diagnostics laboratory. After two years of experience with ZENDO LIMS, we have seen that it is the most efficient option as it allows complete management of the business, without the need for costly and stressful implementation processes. It is simple and intuitive, which makes it much easier for people to adapt to the tool. In addition, the support team is always available and willing to solve any doubt or incident, and even to enable any development that may be necessary to cover the specific needs and demands of our customers. Undoubtedly, a success."

Dr. Mónica Renedo Gancedo, BIOGEN CENTER, S.L. - Spain

Our LIMS Software for Laboratories is ready to be used worldwide

Zendo Lims works in a multilanguage web environment, allowing results to be reported in any language. It is fully adaptable to the laboratory environment, terminology and legislation of each country.

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All-In-One Lims Software Solution

Patient admission system, either manually, through graphite sheets or peripheral centers

Real-time control of the status of ongoing requests and tests

Personalized clinical reports, with the possibility of digitally signing them and incorporating QR codes

Use of Intelligent Rules for Searching, Handling, Printing, and Alerts under complex conditions

Billing system that adapts to your business

Quality control essential for achieving ISO certification

Online results for customers to consult and print their results, on PC, smartphone or tablet

Integration with other applications to send and receive results from other laboratory programs

Solución Software de Laboratorio Todo en Uno

Laboratorio Santa Catalina "The quality of the services we offer at Santa Catalina analysis centre would not have been possible without the possibilities offered by the Zendo Lims platform, as it allows us to analyse and visualise results in real time on several clients at the same time from several computers, as well as to create reports in an organised manner, it is easy to operate and above all to adapt it to our working style, it is a tool which I consider very important and perhaps essential for the successful completion of the stages of the laboratory's operation."


Laboratori ISBO "Zendo Lims stands out for being a very competitive LIMS, which works in the cloud and is constantly developing, offering its customers more and more improvements within it. This makes day-to-day work in the laboratory easier thanks to Zendo Lims because it is intuitive, efficient and versatile. It is also worth mentioning that they have a free e-mail support service that works very well with very fast response times".

Héctor Rodriguez Sánchez. Director's Team, ISBO - SPAIN

Laboratorios Almerilab "Good experience, the most positive aspect is that having it in the cloud makes it much easier for us to work from wherever we are.... The speed of response to emails is good, sometimes they take longer and sometimes less, but it's good and the treatment of the staff is also very good".

Hortensia Romero Manzano. Laboratory Technician Manager , Almerilab Laboratories - Spain

Our Team is Here to Help You

Free support via email or directly from the application itself

Premium Support: You can contact our staff by phone, Skype and we can even connect remotely to solve any doubt or incident

Immediate Responde: Due to the importance of the data we work with in the healthcare field, we solve any problems in the shortest possible time


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our lab software is hosted in the cloud, allowing us to offer you a cutting-edge LIMS at a significantly lower cost than it would cost to purchase the software. With a subscription you only pay for what you need.
Yes, it is. With any licence, it is included email-support totally free of charge.

Prices do not include VAT.

VAT is applied if

  • Your company is located in Spain
  • Your company is in the European Union and it does not have an intra-EU VAT number.

VAT is not applied if

  • Your company is in Canary Islands
  • Your company is in the European Union and it has an intra-EU VAT number.
  • Your company is outside European Union.
No, there are not. Unless you want to purchase additional features or customised developments.
Because it adapts to what the laboratory wants and everyone pays for what they need and when they need it. In this way you will have a totally affordable software without giving up the quality and potential it offers.
Activation and access to Zendo Lims is immediate and our staff will guide you, if you want, through the configuration and set-up of Zendo Lims.
Yes, you can contact us anytime. By e-mail to info@zendolims.com or by calling us on this phone number +34 923 21 53 21.
Bank Transfer, Credit Card and PayPal. Also, if you are located in Spain you can also set up a DD (Direct Debit) for renewals.
As this is a subscription-based software, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you choose the monthly plan. If you are not satisfied with Zendo Lims, you can simply not renew it, as we do not have a minimum period of commitment. In this case, the investment's cost will be minimal.