New Version 2.6 (January 2023)

Zendo Lims

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More than 500 laboratories worldwide trust us and we will apply our experience to your project.

A modern, user-friendly and safe system ...
Fully Responsive
... With the advantages of working in the Cloud ...
The work in the laboratory is complex and involves multiple scenarios on a daily basis, which means that powerful and advanced tools are required to be able to unify actions with a clear goal: efficiency. Cloud programming technology has made possible to develop new products that help to unify the best management tools, directly affecting productivity, savings, flexibility, security, operational capacity, connectivity, which ultimately translates into an improvement in the value provided by your company to your customers and greater efficiency in your procedures. Our commitment is clear, we offer you a product:

Without investment
on hardware and software

It is no longer necessary to make a large investment to automate laboratory management. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

Totally upgradable
in users and functionalities

ZENDO lims design allows you to have more or less functionalities and users with the same web application, depending on your laboratory's needs.

All you need
is in the cloud

All your laboratory's information travels with you. Access to your laboratory at anytime and from everywhere.

Your centres will be all connected

ZENDO lims' structure allows you to connect all your extraction centres and even work in real time from your mobile units.

and updated

Set up the system and the information according to the criteria you need. Adapt the system to the terminology of your country.
Always work with the latest version of ZENDO lims thanks to the automatic update system.

Work environment
100% safe

Browsing under the HTTPS protocol (Secure Server). Use of username/password and locking in case of user inactivity. Automatic backup on our servers. Two-factor authentication or 2-step verification.

... Powerful and Extensive Functionalities ...
Status Panel
Samples Registration
Connection to Analysers
Results and Validation
Clinical Reports
Multimedia Module
Reference Laboratories
Smart Rules
Invoicing Module
Cash Management
Quotation Management
Statistics Module
Quality Control
Warehouse Management
Samples Management Module
Appointments and Emergencies
Serum Bank and Sample Warehouse
Multilaboratory and Multicentre
Status and Help Panel
Messaging and Chat
Online Results and E-Request
... and at a very attractive price.

Basic Basic Zendo Lims

  • Up to 5 users simultaneously
  • 2 GB Database
  • 4 GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Premium Support (**)
    30€ / month (one-off annual payment)
  • Updates included

Standard Standard Zendo Lims

  • Up to 20 users simultaneously
  • 10 GB Database
  • 20 GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Premium Support (**)
    30€ / month (one-off annual payment)
  • Updates included

Professional Professional Zendo Lims

  • Up to 50 users simultaneously
  • 100 GB Database
  • 200 GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Premium Support
  • Updates included

Elite Elite Zendo Lims

  • Unlimited users simultaneously
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Storage
  • E-mail support
  • Premium Support
  • Updates included
(*) Users Range: 2-5 users (10% discount), 6-10 users (20% discount), 11-15 users (30% discount), 16-20 users (40% discount), >20 users (50% discount)
(**) Premium Supoort: Included if the monthly fee is more than 150€
DEMO VERSION : If you would like to get to know better our products, you can request a fully operational demo for 30 days, by clicking here. Demo Request
Opinions from our customers...


José M. Sánchez Rojo

José Mª Hernández Hierro

Manager / Analyst

MAXOANALISIS is a newly created service. However, the professionals we work with have more than 30 years of experience in both public and private services. We have worked with different platforms and we can assure that ZENDO LIMS is the future. It is easy to configure, intuitive to use, powerful in its tools, scalable and adaptable to the user's needs, it does not require installation, it does not require servers or complex backup systems. On the other hand, the service is personalised, there are no machines to talk to. And the support and resolution of incidents is immediate. And they always answer. I highly recommend ZENDO LIMS and the team of professionals who run it.


Héctor Rodriguez Sánchez

Management Team

ZendoLims stands out for being a very competent LIMS, which works in the cloud and it is continuously developing, offering its customers more and more improvements within it. This makes day-to-day work in the laboratory easier thanks to ZendoLims, as it is intuitive, efficient and versatile. It is also worth mentioning that they have a free e-mail service that works wonderfully with very fast response times.


Jose Gallardo González

CEO Clinical Analysis Centre Aviles

Perhaps the most important thing for us, it has been to be able to access all the information about the work being carried out in the laboratory from anywhere, and in these times we are living in, it has been a great help to have access in real time to everything that it is happening in the laboratory, for example, validating reports, sending reports from home, seeing the online ones with the laboratory machines, meaning you feel you are in the lab without being physically in the lab. On the other hand, the software is very versatile, and it has many possibilities. Regarding technical support service, we have always found a quick and efficient response. I encourage other field colleagues to try this tool without hesitation.

Any Browser

Zendo Lims is compatible with any existing browser

Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Safari Opera Konqueror

Any Operating System

As a cloud-based Lims, it can work on any device.

Operating Systems


ZENDO Lims has been created with the best and most modern tools, which guarantee a modern and functional design that has never seen before.


Fully Responsive

The development of ZENDO Lims has been done using the latest technologies in web design, the "Fully Responsive Mode" allows the display to adapt to any device´s screen, regardless of its size and without losing information.

Operating Systems