Quality Policy

sgsISOtransp SLCLAB Informática, as an organisation dedicated to the design, marketing and maintenance of analysis laboratories management software , directs its Quality strategy towards meeting the requirements of its customers. That is why SLCLAB's Management establishes its Quality Policy based on the adoption of the following principles, which constitute the framework for the establishment of improvement objectives:

  • 1. The implementation of a Quality Management System with a clear focus on the customer, through the unequivocal identification of the product requirements.
  • 2. Compliance with the Laws, Regulations and Standards applicable to all processes where the organisation can exercise direct control.
  • 3. Optimal management of resources, by promoting the adoption of the best available technologies and the most appropriate infrastructure to ensure compliance with the objectives, emphasising on the continuous staff training and qualification.
  • 4. Promoting the internal communication of all staff and their active role.
  • 5. To have up-to-date information on the evolution, modifications or current trends of both suppliers and clients, in order to be able to develop new services in accordance with the real demand.
  • 6. To encourage a spirit of job done right the first time, performing self-monitoring processes and activities, as a way to verify compliance with requirements and increase the benefit of the entire organisation.

In order to ensure compliance with these principles and guarantee the commitment to Continuous Improvement, SLCLAB makes this Policy public and makes it available to all interested parties (internal staff and those working on behalf of the organisation, suppliers, customers and other interested parties). This Policy will be reviewed periodically and it constitutes SLCLAB's frame of reference. Therefore, the Management of this company assumes the maximum responsibility and undertakes to provide all the necessary resources, establish and review precise procedures to satisfy it and the objectives established on the basis of it.