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Automatic and exhaustive tracking of all actions carried out by your users. Monitoring and enforcement of security policies.

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Laboratory Audit Software: A Worldwide Solution for Labs

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LIMS Audit Features Unleashed

Zendo Lims complies with the security standards of the Organic Act 15/1999, of 13/XII, on Personal Data Protection, and Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11/11/VI, which approves the Regulation on Security Measures for automated files containing personal data.

The software audits automatically all activities carried out by its users, being able to conveniently consult all the registered actions.

There are 3 auditors, request auditor, test auditor and user auditor, which ensure the complete traceability of the sample and the entire route taken during its processing.

Work with Barcodes ensuring the sample's integrity and monitor in real-time the samples' status.

The system also audits automatically the activity carried out by external laboratory users through the customer's web portal for electronic request and online results.

If your laboratory is accredited in quality standards Zendo Lims will enable you to meet the certification authorities' requierements for traceability and evicence logs within the laboratory.

Experience More than Audit with All-in-one LIMS Software Solutions

Zendo Lims is a software that allows the comprehensive management of the laboratory in all its areas, providing you with features for the management of samples, results, results reports, connections with measuring devices, integrations with external systems, invoicing management, statistics and graphics, quality management, warehouse, etc.





Quality Control

Quality Control

Versatility at Its Best, LIMS Audit System for All Sectors

Zendo Lims is 100% adaptable to laboratories that work in many different sectors. Raise your lab to the next level by taking advantage of the benefits of this cloud-based software.

Join Zendo Lims and experience the difference with our Laboratory Audit software!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it isn't. Zendo Lims, in addition to being an audit software, allows you to manage the entire laboratory, covering both analytical and administrative parts.
Zendo Lims have also tools to help your laboratory achieving an accreditation to quality standards faster and more efficiently, meeting the requirements of each audit.
Yes, you can. Even if the information is no longer in the system, the Laboratory Audit Software saves all actions carried out with the date, time and user who did it.
Yes, you can. You can save all the information in excel, csv, pdf formats or print listings with the filtered activities displayed in the audit screen.
You can keep traceability information for up to 3 years, being able to set up the length according to your preferences.