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Zendo Lims is an advanced system for the Management of Chemical Laboratories that allows total control from the analysis of raw materials to the last production line, guaranteeing compliance with specifications and quality standards.

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The Pinnacle of Chemical Lab Analysis and Management Software

Schedule samples collection or book samples taking stating the sampling point, the batch or whether it is a quality control of a specific product.

Organise tasks at your laboratory by using Worksheets that can be configured by users, teams, methodologies, etc.

Connect the analysers and measuring devices and avoid errors arising from manual transcription of results.

Monitor in real time samples status and tests in progress.

Processes Automation through creating and running smart rules.

Automatic Validation to speed up the results validation process and focus on those that do not meet specifications.

Advanced Multimedia System (images, videos, audios, Office files, PDF files, etc.)

Personalise the Analysis Certificate or results report to suit your needs and design.

Zendo Lims is a sustainable system with a "Paperless" identity, which means that everything can be attached to the system, such as technical documentation for each device, analysis methodology for each parameter, signed contracts with suppliers or documentation for each employee.

Carry out product stability studies comparing the results over time and generate evolution graphs.

Compatible with quality standards such as ISO 17025, ISO 9001 or similar, allowing you to record any non-conformity or corrective action, to keep track of different versions of issued certificates or to consult the KPIs for decision making.

Web Portal for other areas or external customers to register new requests for analysis, view the status of each sample or consult the results.

End-to-End Encryption protects the confidentiality of your information, ensuring that your data is always safe from the moment it is created until it is stored in the cloud.

Laboratory Software: Addressing Every Chemical Lab Requirement

Zendo Lims, as a chemical lab management software, provides you with all required features for the control of your chemical laboratory such as Request Management, Worksheets, Analysers Connections, Results and Validation, Results Reports, Reference Laboratories, Invoicing, Statistics, Quality Control, Warehouse, Online Results, etc.



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Correlation Graphs

Correlation Graphs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. Zendo Lims is multi-site and allows you to manage laboratories with multiple locations and a large number of processing samples. In addition, each user can configure their own language, which can be Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.
Our chemical lims allows you to configure the language in which the results report will be printed for each client. You can issue analysis certificates in any language.
Yes, you can. Zendo Lims, as a chemical lab inventory management software, allows the connection of any analyser or instrument prepared for this purpose, including temperature probes to evaluate the permitted range over a time period.
Zendo Lims can be integrated with any software that allows it. Integrate with production systems to automate the analysis and release only the product that meets quality standards, integrate with ERP systems or even with external customer systems.
Zendo Lims uses data encryption, two-factor authentication and controlled access to ensure the safety of your data. In addition, we carry out regular backups to protect your information.