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Connects analysers or other laboratory devices to optimise time management and increase the results accuracy by avoiding potential errors related to manual transcription of data.

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LIMS Laboratory Equipment Features: Communication with Analyzers and Other Devices

Zendo Lims is prepared for the simultaneous connection to any measuring device that allows it, whether it be analysers, scales, temperature probes, etc., using different, completely independent threads.

Maximise the efficiency of each analyser by being able to make host query or in real time connections, using barcode labels.

If the device does not have a barcode reader or its specifications do not allow real time work, you can work with batch loadings.

Receive automatically results from each device ensuring direct addition to the corresponding samples and thus improving efficiency in day-to-day tasks.

If you wish, from the preview screen of results, it is possible to correct wrong values or delete them before they are transferred to the samples.

Monitor the status of each device wherever you are. Remotely access device management from any geographic location, optimising time and cost.

Manage each instrument or device in the laboratory, being able to create alerts for scheduled maintenance and open incidences for failures or malfunctions.

Follow up incidents or equipment repairs and even attach the outcome or repair document to each one of them.

Attach all kind of documents, such as user manuals, technical specifications or any other information related to each device.

Other Functions of our Laboratory Equipment Management System

In addition to being a laboratory equipment tracking software, Zendo Lims comes complete with a wide range of features for your company, such as sample management, results, results reports, reference laboratories, integrations, inventory management, online results, billing management, statistics and graphs, quality management, etc.





Reference Laboratories

Reference Laboratories

LIMS Adaptable to the Characteristics of Each Sector

The analysers or devices in one sector are completely different from one to another, making Zendo Lims' flexibility and adaptability the perfect choice for laboratories in any industry. This innovative software will take your lab to the next level by taking full advantage of features designed to meet the specific needs of your sector.

Join Zendo Lims and experience the difference with our LIMS laboratory equipment management!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. Zendo Lims can connect to all analysers which allow it, according to the specifications provided by each manufacturer.
No problem at all. The maximum development time for a new interface connection to Zendo lims laboratory equipment is 48 hours from the moment we receive the communication protocol from the manufacturer.
Yes, they can. Zendo Lims allows you to connect scales or micro-weighing scales to collect the results of each weight.
Yes, you can. Zendo Lims can connect to temperature probes, collecting the information and warning if the temperature is outside the allowed ranges.
Yes, of course. You can register all the existing devices or instruments used in the laboratory and keep track of the maintenance or failures of each one of them, opening incidences and scheduled alerts.