Veterinary LIMS

Zendo Lims is an advanced system for Veterinary Laboratory Management, for small and large animals, which was designed with ease of use and the logical follow-up of the analysis process in mind, from the reception of the sample to the issuance of the results report.

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Veterinary Laboratory Management Software

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Veterinary LIMS: The Pillar of Laboratory Animal Care

Optimise your laboratory quickly, easily and efficiently from anywhere and in any device. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

Upgrade in users and features depending on the ongoing needs of your laboratory.

Permissions per User offer a precise assignment of duties within your laboratory, allowing access only to authorised information.

End-to-end encryption protects the confidentiality of your information, ensuring that your data is always safe from the moment it is created until it is stored in the cloud.

Requests Generation manually or automatically through integrations with other systems. Locate patients by scanning their microchip.

Organise the work in your laboratory by Worksheets totally adaptable and configurable to your needs.

Connect your analysers and devices avoiding errors caused by manual transcription of results.

Tasks Supervisor allows you to graphically display the current status of requests and tests in progress.

Through Smart Rules you can set up handling or printing actions and even trigger alerts to automate your workflow.

Complete system of Results Validation for an exhaustive review of all analysed parameters, being able to set up different reference values by species, breeds, sex and age.

Multimedia Module allows you to integrate all types of information (images, videos, audios, Office files, PDF files, etc.) for queries or for integration in the Results Report.

Design Results Reports freely without limitation, by modifying any aspect relating to its presentation and layout.

Personalised Portal for your clients to view their results or even register new requests.

Complete Laboratory Solutions with Veterinary Zendo Lims

Zendo Lims offers you a wide range of features for the control of all phases in the analytical process of your veterinary laboratory, such as Requests Management, Worksheets, Connections with Analysers, Results and Validation, Clinical Reports, Reference Laboratories, Invoicing, Statistics, Quality Control, Warehouse, Online Results, etc.

Reference Laboratories

Reference Laboratories

Advanced Statistics


Quality Control

Quality Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vet Lims software does not require any type of installation, all you need is a web browser. It is fully compatible with almost all existing browsers available in the market, being able to work from any operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, etc.) and from any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone).
The software was developed using the best and most modern technologies available for cross-platform web development.
Zendo Lims uses end-to-end data encryption, controlled access, logout due to users' inactivity and two-factors authentication for user login among others. In addition, backups are carried out on a regular basis.
We offer technical support free of charge via email for everyone and premium support, which includes online remote connections and phone calls (included in some plans), as well as training resources within the platform.
There is no limit. You can define as many species and breeds as you need and set different reference values for each test.
Our Vet Lims Software allows you to connect any analyser or device (as long as the manufacturer allows it). Please contact us to verify the model and connection protocol.
Zendo Lims can be integrated with multiple platforms and external softwares: data exchange with other management systems, integration with reference laboratories, generation of specific invoicing files, importation of requests from other IT programmes, personalised statistics, etc.
Don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know about your case and your specific needs.