Mining LIMS

Zendo Lims is an advanced system for the management of laboratories in the mining and metallurgical industry, which enables the processing of taken samples, optimizes their efficiency, and guarantees compliance with quality standards such as ISO 17025.

Centralizing information and working in the cloud makes it possible to take decisions in the field during the extraction process or in the laboratory during sample analysis in the shortest possible time.

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Ensures Quality Control and Standardize all Data Management with our laboratory software for Metals

Schedule drawing of individual or multiple samples, defining frequency and sampling device, and prepare containers and labels to be used for sampling ensuring traceability from the origin to the end of processing.

Determine whether the sample received is from mining of metals or minerals such as gold, silver,...etc or if it is a quality control of a manufactured product such as sulphur dioxide, sodium bisfullphosphite,...etc

Configure freely the type of studies to be carried out, whether they are studies of moisture, granulometry, geology, specific gravity, fire assays or any other that you might need.

Log measurements in the field and track all processes in real time allowing quick and dynamic decision-making based on the analysis obtained.

Connect all measuring devices with your metal lims minimising errors and ensuring traceability.

By using the Tasks Supervisor monitor in real time the status of samples and tests in progress.

Automate your laboratory to the maximum by programming and running Smart Rules for Searching, Handling, Printing and Alerts. Carry out a Manual or Automatic Validation for a comprehensive review of all results obtained by the laboratory.

Streamline production control through integration with PIMS (Production Information Management Systems), ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) or other business management softwares.

Define quality controls or reference samples and make graphical representations. Establishes correlation graphs for the trend analysis.

Attach Multimedia files (images, videos, audios, Office files or PDF files) for integration into the Results Report.

Personalise Results Reports to your liking, with the possibility of encrypting and digitally signing them.

Your clients will be able to order analyses and view the results through a Web Portal and even verify the traceability and status of each sample.

Zendo Lims: Seamless Integration of all necessary Tools for Mining Sector

Zendo Lims provides you with all the features of a mining laboratory software such as Quality Control, Request Management, Worksheets, Analyzer Connections, Results and Validation, Reference Laboratories, Billing, Statistics, Warehouse, Online Results, etc.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Connections to Analysers

Connections to Analysers

Advanced Statistics

Advanced Statistics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. Zendo Lims is a multi-site and multi-company metal laboratory software, so you can manage different processing plants or extraction areas independently, even if they belong to different companies.
Absolutely. Zendo Lims Metals is a sustainable solution that allows you to manage data and handle all information within the system. No printing is needed.
Yes, you can. Zendo lims, as a lims metals, is a mining laboratory software that can be integrated with any document management system or information repository in the cloud, such as Microsoft SharePoint, OnlyOffice, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
Zendo Lims, as a laboratory software mining, uses data encryption, two-factor authentication and controlled access to ensure the security of your data.
End-to-end encryption protects the confidentiality of information, meaning your data is secure from the moment it is generated until it is stored in the cloud.
In addition, we carry out frequent backups to protect your information.
We offer online and telephone technical support, as well as training resources included within the platform. With this public health lims, you can also contact our support team via email at