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Zendo Lims is an advanced Food and Beverage Laboratory Management System that gives you complete and comprehensive control over every critical aspect of your daily laboratory's routine. It is optimised for use in private and public laboratories as well as laboratories dedicated to the quality control of manufactured products.

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LIMS for Food and Beverage: A Software where Innovation and Lab Technology Merge

Schedule sample collections, defining frequency and sampling equipment, and also prepare the containers and labels to be used to ensure and guarantee traceability from the beginning to the end of processing.

Records individual or multi-lane samples manually or automatically through integrations with other systems.

Configure all types of samples analysed, as well as in manufacture stage and whether it is raw material, intermediate product or finished product.

Connects all measuring devices, such as analysers or temperature probes, and avoids errors arising from manual transcription of results.

Our lims software for food and beverage labs includes a Tasks Supervisor, allowing you monitor in real time the status of samples and tests in progress.

Automate the laboratory as much as possible through programming and running Smart Rules for Searching, Handling, Printing and Warning/Alerts. Carry out Manual or Automatic Validation for a comprehensive overview of all results recorded by the laboratory.

Advanced Multimedia System (images, videos, audios, Office files, PDF files, etc.) for integration into the Results Report.

Define quality controls or reference samples and carry out graphical representations. Establish correlation charts for trend analysis.

Set up the detection and quantification limits, as well as the uncertainty for each parameter taking into account the parameter and results range.

Personalise Results Reports to your taste, with the possibility of encrypting and digitally signing them.

Your clients will be able to order analyses and see the results through a Web Portal and even check the traceability and status of each sample.

End-to-End Encryption protects the confidentiality of information, your laboratory's data is kept safe from the moment it is generated until it is stored in the cloud.

Tailored to Fit All Labs Demands

This lims food provides you with all the necessary features for the control of your Food and Beverage Laboratory such as Request Management, Worksheets, Analyzer Connections, Results and Validation, Results Reporting, Reference Laboratories, Invoicing, Statistics, Quality Control, Quality Management System for ISO or similar quality standards, Warehouse, Online Results, etc.



Advanced Statistics


Quality Control

Quality Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. Zendo Lims is scalable and suits laboratories of all sizes, from small laboratories to multi-site laboratories with large sample processing, either in public or private sectors.
Our lims, software for food and beverage labs, allows you to connect any analyser or device prepared for this purpose. Please contact us to verify the model and connection protocol.
Zendo Lims can be integrated with any platform that allows it for product production control. This F&B Lims allows the importation of samples analyses, as well as the sending of results and communication of the bulletin for product release.
This lims for food and beverage includes tools that help laboratories to get accredited to any quality standard such as ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 9001 or similar. It also allows you to manage the complete accreditation of the laboratory or just one test parameter.
Yes, it is. Our beverage lims allows reports to be sent in any language and even customise the format to suit the client's requirements.