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Zendo Lims is an advanced system for the Management of Public Health Laboratories where the centralization of information and the use of the cloud make it possible to act quickly, and make precise decisions to control possible epidemics with harmful effects on the population health.

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Public Health Laboratory

Our Public Health Laboratory Software Covers Demands of Countries Around the World

More than 600 laboratories around the world already rely on Zendo Lims for the efficient management of their processes. We are with you every step of the way.

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Public Health LIMS: Complying with Ethical Guidelines, Assuring Quality of Results

Schedule drawing of samples, defining frequency, sampling point and sampling device, and preparecontainers and labels to be used for sampling. ensuring traceability from the origin to the end of processing.

Register individual samples or a batch of them manually or automatically.

Connect all measuring devices and avoids human errors arising from the manual transcription of results.

In situ results registration and track each sampling point over time to detect possible epidemics or contamination affecting the population health.

By using the Tasks Supervisor monitor in real time the status of samples and tests in progress.

Automate your laboratory to the maximum by programming and running Smart Rules for Searching, Handling, Printing and Critical Alerts.

Advanced Multimedia System (images, videos, audios, Office files or PDF files) for integration into the Results Report.

Define quality controls or reference samples and make graphical representations. Establishes correlation graphs for the trend analysis.

Set up the detection and quantification limits, as well as, the uncertainty for each parameter taking into account the parameter and result range.

Design Results Reports freely without limitations, modifying any aspect related to presentation and layout.

Integrate the results into the public health monitoring systems of official agencies to centralise the control of pandemics and population-based epidemics.

End-to-End encryption protects the confidentiality of information, which means that your data is secure from the moment it is generated until it is stored in the cloud.

Zendo Lims, Adaptable Software for Every Public Health Lab

Zendo Lims provides you with all the features of a lims for Public Health such as Quality Control, Request Management, Worksheets, Device Connections, Results and Validation, Reference Laboratories, Incidents Management, Integrations with other systems and platforms, etc.

Incidents Management

Incidents Management

Tasks Supervisor

Tasks Supervisor

Quality control

Quality Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there isn't. There is no limit to the definition of sampling points. They can be controlled and monitored individually.
Yes, there is. Zendo Lims has a warning and alarm system that sends urgent messages if critical values are detected or programmed conditions are met.
Yes, you can. This public health laboratory software can be integrated with any public or private platform that allows it. However, Zendo has its own web portal for any authorised organisations to visualise the results.
Zendo Lims, as a lims public health, uses data encryption, two-factor authentication and controlled access to ensure the security of your data. In addition, we carry out frequent backups to protect your information.
We offer online and telephone technical support, as well as training resources included within the platform. With this public health lims, you can also contact our support team via email at