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Zendo Lims is an advanced Forensic Laboratory Information Management System that provides you with full and comprehensive control over various areas of a case such as evidence, descriptions, analysis, instrumentation, statistics and final reports. It ensures traceability of samples from the case scene to the final report or court appearance.

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The Science Behind Crime Lab Management

Register samples taken from the case or the crime scene and takes the required evidence data or photographs. Zendo Lims, as forensic lims system, saves the time when they were recorded and the person who recorded them, guaranteeing traceability from the beginning.

Reception of samples in the laboratory and store them for further analysis. Every action taken will be audited to ensure a correct chain of custody.

Assignation of samples to each analyst to run, organising the work according to each processing stage.

Personalise Results Report by modifying both the presentation and the layout, digitally sign them or encrypt them with a password.

Advanced Multimedia System allows you to save photographs, images, videos, audios, Office files or PDF files in the Results Report. Integrate photographs and evidence in the final reports.

Use predefined texts or use the Speech Recognition tool to enter easily your results or diagnoses.

Each analyst can monitor the status of the samples assigned to them allowing them to be filtered by study type or processing status.

Connect your analysers and measuring equipment in the laboratory and avoids errors arising from manual results transcription.

Monitor, in real time, the status of all samples and studies with the Tasks Supervisor.

Automate tasks by scheduling complex conditions and actions in your laboratory with Smart Rules of Searching, Handling, Printing and Warning.

Organise samples storage by defining specific repositories by type of sample, evidence or processing status.

Locate expert cases or previous evidence searchings for specific terminology or diagnoses.

Role-based permissions allow specific permissions to be given to users, based on their roles within the institution. This helps ensure that users only have access to certain information to carry out their duties.

Data Confidentiality is always protected by End-to-End Encryption. Your laboratory's data is kept safe from the moment it is generated until it is stored in the cloud.

Zendo Lims guarantees the tracking of any sample for a particular case at any given time and keeps the audit which is crucial for the ISO Standard 17025.

Furthermore a Personalised Web Portal for specific users is available, such as defence lawyers or prosecutors, they can access the results and information on their own cases.

Zendo Lims, Tailored to Fit Every Lab Requirement

Zendo Lims comes also with other required features for the control of your forensic laboratory such as Request Management, Worksheets, Analysers Connections, Results and Validation, Results Reports, Reference Laboratories, Invoicing, Statistics, Quality Control, Warehouse, Online Results, etc..


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. You can log on to Zendo Lims from any device with an Internet connection. It is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems.
Yes, you can. Zendo Lims provides full traceability from sampling to the issuance of the final report. Each action is audited, recording the date and time, the person who carried it out, and the steps taken.
Yes, it is. Zendo Lims provides you with the necessary tools to accredit your laboratory to ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 9001, and similar quality standards.
Zendo Lims can be integrated into any platform and any external system that allows it. Tell us about your case and your needs.
Zendo Lims uses end-to-end data encryption, controlled access, logout due to users' inactivity and two-factors authentication for user login among others. In addition, backups are carried out on a regular basis.
We offer online and telephone technical support, as well as training resources included within the platform. You can also contact our support team by email at