Molecular Labs LIMS

Zendo Lims is an advanced system for Molecular and Genetic Laboratories Management that allows total and exhaustive control of each of the critical aspects in the day-to-day routines.
The molecular and genetic level research that the scientists carry out and the high-tech instruments they work with make Zendo Lims an indispensable tool for centralizing all data.

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Genetic and Molecular Laboratory

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Molecular Lab Software: Responding to the Challenge of New Precision Medicine

Register genetic and molecular studies, human, animal or plant life, human or animal paternity tests, with one or more parent(s), manual or automatically through integrations with other systems.

Storage of biological samples received maintaining total traceability within the system throughout its lifecycle.

Organise the tasks in your laboratory by fully configurable Worksheets, adaptable to your needs.

Connect your analysers such as PCR (polymerase chain reaction) thermal cyclers, DNA sequencers and spectrophotometers so that genetic material can be handled and analysed with precision.

Through Tasks Supervisor you could monitor in real time the status of samples and tests in progress to avoid getting stuck in any area of the laboratory.

Smart Rules for Search, Handling, Printing and Warnings/Alerts by programming complex conditions and actions.

Automatic or Manual Validation for a comprehensive examination of all the results obtained in the molecular laboratory.

Advanced Multimedia System within this molecular labs lims software (images, videos, audios, Office files, PDF files,... etc.) for its integration in the results report.

Personalize Results Reports, you can customise the documents and change all aspects of their presentation and layout, with the option to digitally sign them and include QR codes.

Zendo Lims, as a gene cloning software, allows connection to patients management systems or connection to food research systems to submit data and results for diagnosis and treatment.

Add-on services such as Personalised Web Portal for your partner institutes or researchers to consult their results or even register new requests.

Totally Scalable in users and features depending on your aboratory's needs.

Molecular LIMS that a All Complete Molecular Laboratory Needs

Zendo Lims,as a gene sequence software, provides you with all the necessary functionalities of a Molecular Laboratory Software and a Genetic Software such as Request Management, Worksheets, Connections with Analysers, Results and Validation, Clinical Reports, Reference Laboratories, Invoicing, Statistics, Quality Control, Warehouse, Online Results,...,etc.

Requests Management

Requests Management

Advanced Statistics


Quality Control

Quality Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. Our molecular labs lims software is scalable and adaptable to laboratories of all sizes, from small labs to multi-site labs with large sample processing.
Yes, it is. Our genomics lims is compatible with all devices, all operating systems and all browsers. Work from anywhere, all you need is a device connected to the Internet.
Our molecular labs software allows you to create and set up any type of tests to identify a disease by studying molecules such as proteins, DNA and RNA in tissue or body fluids, both in human field or food biology.
Yes, you can manage the entire warehouse, placing orders, controlling stock in real time and the money you have invested, making statistics about suppliers,... etc.
Our Molecular labs lims uses data encryption, two-factor authentication and controlled access to ensure the security of your data. In addition, we carry out regular backups to protect your information.
We offer free technical support via email and premium support which includes remote online connections and phone calls (premium is included in some plans), as well as training resources within the platform.