Lims Sample Manager

Zendo Lims allows you to simplify, streamline and optimise the entire sample distribution process within the laboratory structure to have total control of the accurate status and situation of the sample in real time.

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A Full Lab Sample Tracking Software

Zendo Lims has been specifically designed for the Sample Management through the distribution and reception of its containers, monitoring the areas or sections to be covered until the analysis process is completed.

A simple containers system, rack holders and sections allow the requests to be broken down and the samples to be distributed so that each container is sent in the indicated position to the defined destination.

Easily manage the preparation and distribution of the needed aliquots during sample processing with this lab tracking software.

Personalised Design and Settings of all the necessary structure for the management and tracking of samples through a visual display of containers, available supports, sections, areas and laboratory's destinations.

Knowing in real time the container's location, whether it is at its destination or it is awaiting shipment or arriving at a specific area.

Ensure full Trazability of the precise times and locations where the sample has passed through to complete the process with this Lab specimen tracking software.

Register Comments and Incidences in each of the containers routes produced in the process of distribution and reception of the samples.

The Distribution Supervisor allows visual control of each of the containers' status, that it is included in the process: Not distributed, distributed, received and completed in each of the sections.

Generating Listings and Documents with detailed information about distributed, not distributed, sent, received, pending requests, etc.

A Lab Sample Management Software that Meets All Your Needs

Zendo Lims provides you with all the necessary features for laboratory sample management, lab sample tracking and follow-up, such as connections to analysers, results reports, advanced statistics, quality control, sample storage, etc.



Advanced Statistics


Quality Control

Quality Control

Zendo Lims Adapts to Your Sector

Zendo Lims is suitable for several sectors within the laboratory spectrum. Take advantage of our Lims sample tracking software and take your laboratory to a new level.

Join Zendo Lims and experience the difference with our Lims Sample Management and Lims Sample Tracking!

Frequenty Asked Questions

Yes, for each sample you can see how many containers or tubes there are and also assign colours to them, making the reception process easier.
Yes, you could. Zendo Lims is a laboratory sample management software that allows you to know exactly the sections' order and the devices which a sample must pass through.
Yes, you could. Zendo Lims is a lims specimen management system that allows you to flag containers or tubes as received, both at the laboratory and in each section. This allows you to know in detail whether all samples have been received in full.
Yes, you could. Zendo Lims includes a laboratory specimen tracking software that will locate the sample indicating where it is, the route followed and all actions taken during processing.
No difficult at all, just scan the barcode and Zendo Lims will let you know exactly where each of the containers associated with the sample is located.
Yes, there is. Also, the quality management system is integrated with the laboratory sample management software, which allows you to open incidents, non-conformities or preventive actions at any point in the sample processing.