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Zendo Lims allows you to optimise and automate laboratory billing management, simplifying and speeding up processes, minimising errors and increasing overall satisfaction.

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Lab Billing Sofware: Empowering Labs Worldwide

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LIMS Billing Made Easy: Maximize Efficiency

Zendo Lims is a comprehensive solution that simplifies billing management for laboratories with a powerful and flexible Invoicing and Collections Module.

The interactivity offered by Zendo Lims allows users to view and modify any part of the invoice before it is generated, making it easy to adapt details such as prices, taxes, series and much more.

The possibility of selecting from a wide variety of layout formats allows invoices to be customised according to specific needs, either by company, provenance, petitioner, test, or with different levels of details.

It is designed to meet the demands of the digital era, generating electronic invoices according to the specifications of the entities and customers, and allowing the automatic insertion of price listings in electronic format provided by the entities.

Generate customised invoices, which is particularly useful when services or products are not set up in the predefined price lists and they are yet to be invoiced.

The Invoicing Module goes beyond the generation of invoices and it also allows you to keep an exhaustive control of all issued invoices , either for individual clients, corporate or personalised ones.

Generate quotations and carry out their invoicing and collection management.

Generate listings and invoice logs or export to an accounting software, optimising the accounting and administrative workflow.

Zendo Lims offers you the option of automatically send the invoices by email.

Carry out the debt collection management of issued invoices, either partially or in full.

Write down all the cash transactions of cash received or payments made, check out the balance or issue listings of paids-in and withdrawals.

Beyond the Billing Process: Extraordinary LIMS Features for Labs

Zendo Lims provides you with many other additional features that enhance the entire invoicing process, such as quotations management, warehouse, quality control, online results, ...etc





Reference Laboratories

Reference Laboratories

Adaptable LIMS Solutions: Suitable for Every Sector

Zendo Lims, as a lab billing software, adapts to multiple sectors within the laboratory spectrum and offers a solution to optimise your company.

Join us today and experience the difference with our Billing and Debt Collections Management Software!.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Zendo, as a lab billing software, allows the incorporation of customised invoices models and designs to make it exactly the way you want it.
Each country has a different invoicing system, which can be paper invoicing in a predetermined format required by the government, with a free design or electronic invoicing. SLCLAB is a Spanish company and Zendo Lims can manage electronic invoicing for those countries where this legislation allows it. In the event that the opeartion is not authorised, Zendo Lims will allow integration with your own invoicing system for the invoices exportation.