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Manage and locate, in a precise and intuitive way, all the biological samples stored at the laboratory, being able to check everything that has happened during their lifecycle and guaranteeing a complete traceability.

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Comprehensive Laboratory Software For Biobanking Tasks

Configure freely all the samples warehouses that exist in your laboratory. If you have more than one site, it is possible to create independent biobanks for each of them, making their management easier.

Set out the structure of each biobank and the number of samples that can be stored.

Define the different type of containers for each specimen and the time spent in the biobank.

Set up alerts for those samples that have exceeded the maximum storage time in the biobanking lims and can now be thrown away.

 Locate easily each of the samples using a powerful graphical tool..

 Move samples without worries as the biobanking software automatically keeps track of every position ensuring thetraceability.

Automate storageof the samples through reception by container type.

Make aliquots and manage them as if there were individual biological samples.

Register the information of each specimen with all the necessary information.

Allow your clients or researchers to send samples for storage. through a web portal reducing registration times.

Request studies or analytical tests on the stored samples, taking advantage of all the automation provided by lims and allowing your clients or researchers to see their results online.

Automate sample processing from its register, connecting to analysers, issuing alerts or warnings through smart rules and generating result reports

Working in accordance to quality standards and logging all incidents or handling errors that occur during the lifecycle of the sample, either during its storage in the biobank or during the time in which complementary studies are carried out.

All-in-one Software for All Kind of Laboratories

The management of all areas of your laboratory is guaranteed through the tools that Zendo Lims makes available to you, such as sample processing, results and validation, reports, connections with analysers, integration with external software, debt collections and invoicing management, profitability statistics, quality control, storage, etc.



Communications with analysers

Communications with analysers

Incidents Management

Incidents Management

Highly Customizable LIMS that Adapts to All Sectors

One of the great strengths of Zendo Lims is that can easily adapts to the configuration of any site that allows the storage of biological samples. Take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based biobanking software to provide your clients or researchers with tools for managing their samples..

Join Zendo Lims and experience the difference with our Biobank Software!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can. As you define all types of samples and the containers where they will be received.
No, it isn't. Zendo Lims is designed to manage samples and all the processes carried out on them, from the registration of the specimen to the generation of result reports, guaranteeing traceability.
Yes, you can. All information can be exported in excel, csv, pdf format and you can even download the incident graphs.
Zendo Lims saves time recording and processing samples, as well as easily locating each sample in the biobank. Log any sample handling or identification errors and monitor the process of any existing incidents, saving costs and time.