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Manage, accurately and intuitively, the quality control of your laboratory, detecting the presence of errors that alter the data. Ensures regulatory compliance of the results delivered.

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Lims Quality Control: Enabling Lab Excellence Globally

The trust of more than 600 laboratories is our guarantee. Zendo Lims is your next step.

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Cantabrian Hydrographic Confederation
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A comprehensive Laboratory Quality Control Software

Define Valued Quality Controls for entry into the lims quality system and for further graphic processing.

Manage efficiently which quality controls are active and their expiry date.

Carry out quality control of your analysers and the calibration of measuring devices at the laboratory (scales, temperature probes for cookers or fridges, ...etc).

Display the Quality control Checks passed by the analysers, just in the same moment that you are validateing results of each sample.

Through the activation of the Westgard Rules you will be informed, at all times, of any alerts or errors detected in the quality control checks, as well as the causes of such problems.

Graphically display the Daily Average Values of the tests analysed at the laboratory, as well as the number of times carried out and their standard deviation.

By using Correlation Graphs you will be able to compare pairs of test results at different time delays, as well as Carry out trend analysis in your lims quality system.

Get a Complete Solution with This Lims Quality System

The management of all areas of your laboratory is guaranteed through the tools that Zendo Lims makes available to you, such as sample processing, results and validation, reports, connections with analysers, integration with external software, collection and billing management, profitability statistics, quality control, warehousing, ...etc

Reference Laboratories

Reference Laboratories

Communications with analysers

Communications with analysers

Warehouse Statistics


LIMS Quality: Custom-Built for Your Field

One of the great strengths of Zendo Lims is that it is easily customisable for laboratories in all sectors. Take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based software by making progress in the digital transformation of your laboratory.

Join Zendo Lims and experience the difference with our Laboratory Quality Management System!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. As a lab quality control software, it allows to automate the scheduling and receiving controls from the analysis devices.
No, it isn't. Zendo Lims is designed for all laboratories, in any sector, that carry out quality controls, calibrations or quality standards.
Yes, you can. all the information can be exported in excel, csv, pdf format and you can even download the control graphs.
Zendo Lims combines quality management with results management, so that all important information is on the same screen and the team has everything they need for validation.
Yes, it is. Zendo Lims allows the interconnection of laboratories with production or manufacturing chains. This provides a monitoring point to ensure that no product is released onto the market that has not passed the appropriate quality controls.