Life Science LIMS

Zendo Lims is an advanced laboratory life science management system for the analysis of biological samples, enabling the research and development of genetic, molecular, microbiological and chemical processes.

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Laboratory of Biological Sciences

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Software for Science Life Labs: Fully Satisfying Today's Regulatory Requirements

Manually or automatically Samples Registration.

Creation of labels for the precise identification of samples from their origin to ensure their traceability and chain of custody.

Connect all your analysers or measuring devices, and avoid errors arising from typing the results manually.

Through Tasks Supervisor , you can monitor in real time the status of samples and tests in progress.

Smart Rules for Searching, Handling, Printing and Warning by programming complex conditions and actions..

Manual o Automatic Validation for a comprehensive review of all results issued at the laboratory.

Advanced Multimedia System (images, videos, audios, Office files, PDF files, etc.) for inclusion in the Results Report.

Design Results Report freely without limitation, modifying any element of its presentation and layout.

Zendo Lims allows both, management and storage of biological specimens or samples that you work with and their preservation. You can define different freezers and chillers depending on the type and length of preservation.

Optimise the laboratory management in an easy, agile and comfortable way from any location and device, all you need is a browser and Internet connection.

Totally scalable in users and features depending on your laboratory's needs.

Role-based permissions allow a precise allocation of authorities and responsibilities in your institution, allowing access only to the relevant information.

End-to-end Encryption protects the confidentiality of information, which means that your data is safe from the moment it is generated until it is stored in the cloud.

Zendo LIMS: Crafted by Experienced Lab Engineers to Address All Laboratory Needs

Zendo Lims provides you with everything you need to control your biological samples laboratory such as Request Management, Worksheets, Analyser Connections, Results and Validation, Results Reporting, Reference Laboratories, Invoicing, Statistics, Quality Control, Inventory Management, Samples Storage, Online Results, etc.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Advanced Statistics

Advanced Statistics

Samples Storage

Samples Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. Our software science life lab is scalable and suits laboratories of all sizes, from small labs to multi-site labs with large samples processing.
The software allows you to connect any analyser or device prepared for this purpose, such as thermocyclers, qPCR, incubators, etc. Please contact us to verify the model and connection protocol.
Zendo Lims, as a life science lims, can be integrated with multiple platforms and external systems: data exchange with other management software, integration with reference laboratories, generation of specific invoicing files, import of requests from other systems, customised statistics, etc.
Tell us about your case and needs.
Yes, you can. Zendo Lims has a tool for samples storage, being able to define the different storage systems (refrigerators, coolers, freezers, etc.) depending on the type of specimen and conservation method.
Zendo Lims uses end-to-end data encryption, controlled access, logout due to users' inactivity and two-factors authentication for user login among others. In addition, backups are carried out on a regular basis.
We offer free technical support by email and premium support for online remote connection to your PC and phone calls (included free in some plans), aas well as training resources included within the platform. You can also get in touch by email at