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Zendo Lims is your best choice for empowering and streamlining your laboratory by adding barcodes, allowing you to optimise processes, improve efficiency and guarantee accuracy in data management.

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Barcode System for Laboratory: Trusted Globally for Streamlined Workflows

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Innovation in Tracking: Laboratory Barcode Software and LIMS

Manual sample identification can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. With Barcodes, the identification becomes faster and more accurate. By simply scanning the barcode, laboratory technicians can access all relevant sample information instantly. This speeds up the analysis process and reduces response time.

The Automation that barcodes provide frees up time and resources that were previously spent on manual tasks. This translates into Increased Productivity, as professionals can focus on more critical and strategic activities rather than repetitive administrative tasks.

ZENDO Lims® allows you to freely design Barcodes in different sizes, formats and encodings, using a web editor or through a ZPL interpreter.

Web Editor : A complete and visual web assistant to design labels, simply by dragging the different contents and indicating the desired layout to achieve a 100% customisable design.

ZPL Interpreter: If you already have a ZPL code to create your labels, you only have to enter it in the system to generate them, and you can also visualise the result of the coding instantly.

Manual or automatic label generation when registering the sample in the lims barcode system.

Host Query connections to analysers for workload submission and direct results entry in a fully autonomous and unattended manner.

Automated distribution of the samples through sections or areas at the laboratory, having complete traceability of where it is and the processes that have been completed.

Incorporating of QR Labels into the results report with relevant information or just for consultation via the online results service.

More than Barcodes: Comprehensive Laboratory Software

Zendo Lims provides you with all the necessary features for the barcodes organisation of the entire laboratory workflow, such as sample management, results, reports, connections, integrations, invoicing, statistics, quality control, warehouse, etc.



Result Reports


Corporate Billing


Versatile LIMS, adaptable to the different characteristics of the sectors

Zendo Lims adapts itself to many different sectors within the laboratory spectrum. Take advantage of the benefits of our Laboratory Barcode Software and take your lab to a new upper level.

Join Zendo Lims and experience the difference with our Lims Barcode System!

Frequently Asked Questions

The usage of barcodes in laboratories allows greater samples' traceability, reduction of errors and optimisation of both time and costs.
Samples are labelled with printed labels bearing a unique barcode and relevant data.
Zendo Lims allows you to use almost any existing barcode such as: CODE128 auto, CODE128 A, CODE128 B, CODE 128 C, CODABAR, EAN13, EAN8, UPC, CODE39, ITF, ITF14, MSI, MSI10, MSI11, PHARMACODE, ...etc.
Depending on the type of label printer, it can be connected to the system in several ways: through a specific driver (Zebra) that allows its integration in a completely autonomous way or through the installation of the corresponding printer driver.